Things To Do In Borrego Springs

Lots of Fun Things to do in Borrego Springs!

Borrego Springs and the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are located just 85 miles east of San Diego and about the same distance from Palm Springs. Therefore, they are a great place for a day trip or even a weekend get-away.

On this page, we have made a list of all kinds of fun things to do in Borrego Springs, CA. Due to the incredible amount of things to do in Borrego Springs, we weren’t able to list them all.

First of all, we will start off with a little background information.

The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park almost completely surrounds Borrego Springs. It is the largest state park in California, covering 600,000 acres. As a result, you will have lots places to see and plenty of things to do.

The Desert Bighorn Sheep that live in the area are the ones that gave Borrego its name. This is because they are known as Borregos Cimarrones in Spanish and hence, Borrego. You might get to see them climbing the rocky slopes if you are lucky, although they are rather elusive.

Below is our list of some of best activities and places to see in and around Borrego Springs, CA.

Borrego Springs Sculptures

The Galleta Meadows Sculptures are a collection of more than 130 large metal sculptures, most of which are of prehistoric animals and desert animals. It is just a 3 minute drive North of the center of town.

Due to its enormous size and unique design, the 350 foot long serpent dragon is probably the most visited of these sculptures. On the West side of the road you will see its head and part of its body. On the other side of the road you will the rest of the serpent and it’s tail.

Christmas Circle Community Park

Christmas Circle is located right smack in the middle of town and is hard to miss. Thus, it’s considered the hub of Borrego Springs. It is host to multiple events such as Friday Farmers Market and Art Shows. Furthermore, it has lots of grassy area, picnic benches and bathroom facilities.

Borrego Springs Super Bloom

The Super Bloom usually takes place during the first 2 weeks in March. It is truly amazing to see the Anza-Borrego Desert covered in lively colored flowers. Due to the weather, some years it is more impressive than others. For example, the 2017 Super Bloom was one of the more spectacular ones that we have had in recent years.

You should plan on arriving fairly early in the day because the flowers start closing up in the afternoon. You can admire the scene from the side of the road or combine your flower watching with another activity, like hiking.

Borrego Springs Hiking

You will find lots of hiking trails in and around Borrego Springs. A couple of our favorites are the Borrego Palm Canyon Nature Trail and Slot Canyon, but there are many more to choose from. Keep reading for details on these two trails.

Borrego Palm Canyon Nature Trail

The Borrego Palm Canyon Nature Trail is a 2.9 mile round trip hike that leads to one of the largest palm oasis in California. The trailhead is less than a 10-minute drive from Christmas Circle (West on Palm Canyon Drive).

The hike difficulty is considered to be moderate. This is because the trail is relatively rocky with a 600-foot elevation gain and stream crossings. In spite of that, it’s well worth it. Make sure to carry plenty of drinking water.

The oasis is surrounded by palm trees. The water coming out of the oasis forms a waterfall and a stream that runs next to the trail.

Slot Canyon

Slot Canyon is 15 miles from the center of town on highway 78. It should be noted that the last couple of miles leading to the trailhead take you along a sandy road. Therefore, you will probably want a 4×4 to get through.

The hike is a bit over 2 miles round trip from the trailhead. Beyond the initial sandy trail, the path leads you into an amazing 40-foot-deep canyon. Because parts of it are so narrow, you might not be able to squeeze through all of it. As always, make sure to carry plenty of beverages and make sure that your vehicle has plenty of gas in it before venturing out into the desert.

4×4 & Off-Road

There are many miles of dirt roads and trails that are great for UTVs, 4x4s, Jeeps and buggies. Most of the trails have signs to help you navigate the area. Even so, you should probably have a GPS with you.

Some of the more popular trails are Borrego Badlands Font Point, Blair Valley, Split Mountain, Coyote Canyon, Carrizo Badlands and Grapevine Canyon. In addition, there are many others. Trails that are within the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are only open to street-legal vehicles. Consequently, you will need to head over to the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area for off-road fun.

Font’s Point

Font’s Point offers a breathtaking view of the Borrego Badlands. As a result, it is a very popular destination in the area. It is only about 11 miles from Christmas Circle and you can drive there, but a 4×4 is highly recommended. This is because the last half of the drive is on a sandy road that is easy to get stuck on in a 2-wheel drive car.


The ride into Borrego Springs from the West (like from San Diego) is on very enjoyable 2 lane highways with lots of interesting sights along the way. You will see lots of pine trees at the upper elevations before descending into town along the winding Moctezuma Valley Road.

Motorcross & Enduro

A great place to go is the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area if it’s dirt-bikes, quads or UTVs that you prefer. You can take your own dirt bike or you can rent one there.

A dual sport adventure bike is probably your best choice for visiting Borrego Springs. You can enjoy the highway ride over and back, as well as explore the trails in the area.

Borrego Springs Camping & RVs

The Borrego Springs area is great for camping, be it in a full-service campsite or dispersed camping. Since it is only a few miles from the center of town, the Borrego Palm Canyon Campground is one of the more popular choices.

They offer tent camping as well as full hookups for RVs. Drinkable water, restrooms, and token-operated hot showers are available, making this campsite very sought-after. Therefore, reservations are highly recommended. For more information regarding this campsite and other camping options in the area, go to the California Department of Parks and Recreation website.

Star Gazing & Astronomy

The view of the sky at night is particularly spectacular in Borrego Springs and surrounding areas because there are no bright lit cities anywhere near. Furthermore, there are no stop lights in town and nighttime lighting is kept to a minimum. As a result, Borrego Springs has earned the International Dark Sky Community designation. Remember to bring your telescope or binoculars.

Pablito’s Restaurant

Looking for Borrego Springs restaurants? Make sure to visit Pablito’s Mexican Restaurant, Bar & Grill for all of your favorite Mexican food and delicious Margaritas. Take a look at the Pablito’s Restaurant Menu. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Borrego Springs Film Festival

This is an annual event that takes place over a week during January.

Borrego Days Desert Festival

This 3 day festival is held in October, with activities for the whole family including a parade.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitor Center

In addition to what’s listed on this this website, more information on activities in the area can be found at the Visitor Center. They are located at the Western end of Palm canyon Drive.